Winter - Josh Lanyon Josh Lanyon has come through, once again, with an enthralling and superb novella. This is the first story in the new The Haunted Heart series and it's a deliciously creepy ghost story. The two main characters are wonderfully well-drawn and realistic, the story is engaging and well-crafted, and the writing is pure gold. I love Josh Lanyon's writing-it's precise, beautiful, and utterly captivating. Flynn (the narrator) and Kirk (the other main character) are both haunted by their pasts and it's such a pleasure to watch their relationship evolve, to see them drawing each other out of the shadows. I loved the story-it's spooky, it's gripping, it's moving, and it's got heart. I loved the characters-they're complex, they're flawed, they're human, and they're tremendously lovable. This is such a satisfying and compelling novella. I am very much looking forward to the next installment.

Highly recommended!